Podcast Name: The Rich Dad Radio Show

Host: Robert Kiyosaki

Website: https://www.richdad.com/radio

Genre: Economics, Finance

Famous Author of best selling personal finance book “Rich Dad and Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki regularly provides the good news and bad news about money, investments, real estate and stock market. Each episode starts with a guest who is an expert in finance industry.

Because he was financially freedom at an early age, everyone kept asking him, How did you do it? So he thought this could be a great opportunity to share the moral principles of the Rich Dad that got them to this point.

Daily episodes have discussions on top-industries topics such as –

  • Hosts Robert & Kim Kiyosaki discuss the secret behind a successful podcast and every guest has something to say can get started.
  • Mass manipulation in the stock market and the signal for higher inflation.
  • The overvaluation of GameStop and the correlation to silver, and where you should be putting your money in 2021.
  • The future of money in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and how 2021 is going to offer more for investors than ever before.
  • “The New Great Depression” and the impacts of the ongoing pandemic on the economy.
  • The two indicators of hyper-inflation to watch for and the Fed’s response to it.
  • Predictions for the stock market in 2021 and how you can protect yourself.

As Rich Dad said, “ Money may not be the most important thing in life, but it affects everything that is.” Our intent is through the Rich Dad teachings that the most important things in your life never suffer because of a lack of money, but instead thrive and prosper.

Robert Kiyosaki

American Businessman and Author

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