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Saurabh Kamble

Hey, I’m Saurabh Bhagwan Kamble your coach for the finance and investment industry. I help financial advisors, investment executives, and finance career professionals grow their skills, expand their minds, or re-brand their firms.

My Story

My interest towards stock market started when I was on my 16, watching my Dad making huge money from stock market as well as (sometimes) losing it too, which made me curious to learn in depth about investments.

Having 5 years of experience in investment strategies, I have created this website to share my knowledge and experience with others too. This is not just an informational site, this is more than that. I can proudly say that these website is a finance blueprint not only for beginners but also for experienced individuals.

Here, I have shared all the resources which I use to gained knowledge about investments including notes, journals, podcasts, guiding PDF’s, video tutorials, stories of successful start-ups and many more which will help you to become a profitable investor by time. Along with this, I will be sharing my mistake and understanding from it which would help you to develop your own knowledge and skill set for generating passive income.

Investing is the Art of Money Making Money